“Explorations of the Fauna of the Seas” Series

“Explorations of the Fauna of the Seas” — an ongoing publication of the Zoological Institute (ZIN). It has been publishing since 1941. Thematically continued the publication of the SHI (the State Hydrological Institute) “Explorations of the Seas of the USSR”. The first eight issues were called “Explorations of the Far Eastern Seas of the USSR”. Since 1962 it has been called “Explorations of the Fauna of the Seas” and has a double numbering. From 1941 to 2017 years 76 (84) volumes came out. The separate articles, thematic collections and monographs devoted to various aspects of marine zoology — systematics, faunistics, zoogeography, ecology are published in the series. A number of issues are devoted to a comprehensive study of separate regions of the World Ocean, including 7 volumes devoted to the description of the results of researches of the Soviet Antarctic Expedition. The publication is carried out by the Laboratory of the Marine Research, the Laboratory of Ichthyology and the White Sea Biological Station of ZIN.


О.С. Воскобойникова, М.В. Назаркин, Е.Ю. Голубова


Санкт-Петербург 2012 г.

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