Monograph series “Fauna”

Since the beginning of its existence the Zoological museum, and later the Zoological institute, the faunal studies of Russia became one of the main tasks. The result of these studies was the publication of a series of monographs. The first volume of the series was published in 1911. The title of the series changed over time:

  • 1911–1923 “Fauna of Russia and adjacent countries basing mainly on collections of the Zoological Museum of the Imperial (since 1917 — Russian) Academy of Sciences”. 24 volumes have been published.
  • 1924–1928 no publications of this series
  • 1929–1934 “Fauna of the USSR basing mainly on collections of the Zoological Museum (since 1993 — institute) Academy of Sciences of the USSR”. 4 volumes have been published.
  • 1935–1993 “Fauna of the USSR. New series. Zoological Institute Academy of Sciences of the USSR”. 142 volumes have been published.
  • 1993 — until now “Fauna of Russia and adjacent countries. New series. Zoological institute Russian Academy of Sciences”.

This monograph series are not only a summary of the literature data but also contain systematic descriptions, information on the geographical distribution, and, where possible, on lifestyles and phylogeny of different animal groups.

Monograph series “Keys to the fauna”

This series “Keys to the fauna of the USSR published by Zoological museum (from 1933 — institute) Academy of Sciences of the USSR (from 1991 — Russian Academy of Sciences” are the guidelines for the identification of different animal groups from Russian and adjacent territories with brief data on the distribution, ecology and human value. The first volume, published in 1927, was devoted to the mosquito family Culicidae. The appearance of this edition was the result of The Permanent Commission for the study of malaria-carrying mosquitoes under Zoological Museum supervision. To date, approximately 180 volumes have been published. The publications are widely used by zoologists, physicians, veterinarians, teachers, students and post-graduates.


Zoological Institute publishes two journals. Contents and full text articles of journals are available for free online open access.

Proceedings of the Zoological Institute RAS” (Proceedings ZIN RAS) is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes original articles on all areas of Zoology, as well as parasitology and hydrobiology in Russian and English languages.

Zoosystematica Rossica” is international peer-reviewed journal that publishes original articles in English on any aspects of systematic zoology, in all groups of animals, both extant and fossil, from all over the World.

Three journals (“Parazitologiya”, “Entomological Review/Entomologicheskoe Obozrenie”, “Comparative Cytogenetics”) are published with active participation of the staff of the Institute in their editorial boards and with technical support of the Institute.

All journals are included in the Russian Science Citation Index on Web of Science.

Scientific books

Institute staff publishes numerous scientific monographs and thematic collections, including those in collaboration with specialists from different countries.

Some books are available on our web portal.

Contributions from the Zoological Institute, St. Petersburg

The series is purposed to publish a draft of scientific papers that has not yet been published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal in Russian and English. Several issues without periodicity will be published yearly if needed.

Explorations of the Fauna of the Seas

This series “Exploration of the Fauna of the Seas” is a direct sequel to the previous two series: “Explorations of Seas of the USSR” and “Explorations of the Far-Eastern Seas of the USSR”. The first of the series was founded by Prof. K.M. Derjugin as far back as 1925. This series was published by the State Institute of Hydrology of the Hydrometeorological service of the USSR and until 1937, 25 editions of this series were published. In connection with the transfer of Hydrobiological Division of the State Institute of Hydrology to the Zoological Institute rights to publish the remaining unpublished biological material of the Pacific expedition (1932–1933) were transferred to the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. The result was a new series “Explorations of the Far-Eastern Seas of the USSR”. Zoological Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences had assumed the responsibility for the publication of this edition, and the eighth issue of this series was published in 1962. Due to the fact that the areas of marine fauna research have grown considerably and the materials are not limited just to seas of the USSR, it became necessary to change the title of the series “Exploration of the Fauna of the Seas”. However, in order to emphasize the continuity of the edition, the editors found it necessary to introduce double numbering of subsequent issues. Till present, about 80 volumes were published.