Boris A. Korotyaev

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Academic degree: Doctor of Biological Sciences
Academic title: No title
Position: Leading Researcher
Contact phone: +7 (812) 328-12-12, ext. 257
Educational background: Moscow State University, 1973
  • “Ecological-faunistic review of weevils (Coleoptera, Curculionidae) of the Northeastern USSR.” (PhD)
  • “Weevils of the subfamily Ceutorhynchinae (Coleoptera, Curculionidae) of the fauna of Russia and neighbouring countries: Systematics, morphology, bionomics and distribution.” (PhD habilitation)
Research interests: Systematics, morphology, ecology and biogeography of insects.
Field studies: European part of Russia, East Siberia, Russian Far Eeast, The Caucasus, Middle Asia, Turkey, Mongolia, Republic of Korea, Vietnam.
Professional membership: Russian Entomological Society,
Editorial activity: Editor-in-Chief of:
Pedagogical activity: Supervising 8 PhD and consultation of 1 DSc dissertations on entomology
Scientific projects and grants:
  • RFBR 07-04-00482-а. PI G.S. Medvedev. “Taxonomic studies of Coleoptera of the fauna of Russia and adjacent territories based on analysis of their morphology, trophic associations, the landscape and altitudinal distribution”
  • RFBR 10-04-00539-а. PI B.A. Korotyaev. “Taxonomic revisions and conspects of coleopterous insects as a ground base for revealing tendencies of evolution of the regional faunas in the recent time and in the nearest future”
  • RFBR 13-04-01002-а. PI B.A. Korotyaev. “Morphology, bionomics and distribution of the largest Coleoptera taxa as the prerequisites and characteristics of their evolutionary success”
  • RFBR 14-04-91373 ST-а. PI B.A. Korotyaev. “The Biogeography, Conservation and Databasing of Weevils and their Host Plants in Eastern Turkey”
  • RFBR 16-04-00412-а. PI B.A. Korotyaev. “Taxonomic study of largest groups of the Coleoptera based on morphological, ecological and zoogeographic data”
Selected Publications:
  • Коротяев Б.А. 1977. Эколого-фаунистический обзор жуков-долгоносиков Северо-Востока СССР. Энтомологическое обозрение, 56(1): 60–70.
  • Коротяев Б.А., Егоров А.Б. 1977. Обзор долгоносиков рода Phyllobius Germ. (Coleoptera, Curculionidae) фауны Восточной Сибири, Дальнего Востока СССР и Монголии и замечания о видах из других районов. Насекомые Монголии. Ленинград: Наука. 5: 379–449.
  • Korotyaev B.A. 1992. Role of parthenogenesis in the origin of modern weevil fauna of the Palaearctic. Proceedings of the 4th ECE/13th SIECC, Gődőllő, 1991. Vol. 1. Budapest. 404–405.
  • Korotyaev B.A., Gültekin L., Volkovitsh M.G., Dorofeyev V.I., Konstantinov A.S. 2016. Bioindicator beetles and plants in desertified and eroded lands in Turkey. Journal of Insect Biodiversity, 4 (1): 1–47.
  • Korotyaev B.A., Konstantinov A.S., Volkovitsh M.G. 2017. 7. Insect Biodiversity in the Palearctic Region. In: R.G. Foottit, P.H. Adler. Insect Biodiversity: Science and Society. Wiley Online Library. Published online 21.VII.2017.