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Interdisciplinary Expert Group (IEG) for assessment of the modern state of ecosystems of the Russian sector of the Baltic Sea at United council «Ecology and natural resources» in St. Petersburg Research center of the Russian Academy of Sciences (SPB RC RAS)

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Goal of the establishment of IEG:

To join scientists from research and applied divisions of institutions and universities of north-west of Russia, as well as independent experts, representatives of different disciplines, also specialists in modeling of ecosystem processes and specialists in IT, teaches, representatives of working groups all those who are faced to the problems of interrelation of human and nature and economical development of the North-West of Russia and self-sustainable use of natural resources of the Baltic Sea; governmental bodies for exchange and analysis of information for its optimal use for development of basic research of ecosystems of Baltic Sea and applied elaborations and technical solutions in area of nature use and also in ecological education and enlightenment.

Goal of the IEG:

to facilitate development of inter- and multidisciplinary approach to solving problems of nature use both shared (common to many regions) Baltic Sea and specific to Russian sector of the Baltic Sea (RSBS) and creation of reliable forecasts of development of RSBS through carrying out preparation and implementation of projects and programs.



1. Overcoming fragmented approach for providing interdisciplinary analysis of historic and current data in Russian sector of the Baltic Sea (RSBS) (including urban and protected areas, rivers and their catchments, marine and coastal areas, industrial and agricultural areas, etc.) for understanding interactions of different factors and ecosystem components in past and present that determines space and time variability of marine and coastal ecosystems.
2. Development of possible scenarios and forecasts for purposes on nature use on the base of interdisciplinary analysis of the date and methods of mathematical modelling.
3. Ńreate comprehensive and flexible strategy for long-term management and coordination of exploitation, exploration and protection of sea and land based on above scenarios and experience of other Baltic countries in conditions of RSBS for benefit of present and future generations together with local, regional, national and international decision-making and stake-holding organization functioning in the Baltic Sea.
4. The strategy is aimed to decrease risks and solve existing problems, related to undesirable impacts of acting factors, increase rational use, preserving and safeguarding of natural resources and to be an instrument for development investment plans and sustainable development of the RSBS as a whole and as a part of the Baltic Sea connected to neighboring and remoter Baltic Sea regions and countries naturally, historically (culture) and via traffic and industrial infrastructure.
5. The strategy is aimed to positively impact (directly and indirectly) also cultural environment, education and mentality of population concerning interaction of nature and society.



• Monitoring and natural observations in the basin of the Gulf of Finland
• Technical solutions and their aprobation in conditions of the Gulf of Finland
• Providing consultations, examinations and expertise on regional, national and international levels in below mentioned areas of knowledge
• Environmental Impacts Assessment
• Development systems for making decisions in area of natural resources use based in interdisciplinary approach
• Education, enlightenment and dissemination of knowledge
• Establishment contacts to international and regional programs and networks in the area of self-sustainable development of Baltic sea regions for further co-operation
• Initiation and preparations of projects proposals for international, national and regional Calls and carrying out projects
• Participating of IEG members and IEG as whole in content of consortiums in preparation of other proposals and carrying out of projects and programs


IEG as a partner:

The IEG is the Joint Partner, representing research and educational institutions of St. Petersburg working in the next areas of science (also “Projects, Conferences & Publications”):

• Life sciences
• Earth sciences
• Human and Society sciences
• Mathematics
• IT
• and mentioned-above activities, and IEG services.


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