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Center of Independent Ecological Expertise of Russian Academy of Sciences (CIEE RAS)

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PhD Tamara M. Florinskaya

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Participants of the GEIA:

S.O.Grigorieva Forest resources
Orlova M.I Hydrobiology
Khramtsov V.N. Nature reserves
Markov V.L. Aquatic resources
Scorik Y.I. Wastes
Burenin N.S. Problems of air
Zubarev S.V. Chemical pollution
Venzulis L.S. Fuel and energy complex
Isachenko G.A. Landscapes
Musijchuk Y.I. Health protection
Menshutkin V.V. Modeling of ecological situations
Yakovlev V.V. Extraordinary situations
Gorokhova T.B. Social and economical problems



Goal: carrying out Environmental Impacts Assessment (EIA) of enterprises that are under design or in exploitation including preparation of sections «Environmental Impact Assessment” and “ Preservation of the Environment” in content of preproject and project documentation in St. Petersburg, Leningrad oblast and Russian Federation. Activity of the group is going on according to legislation of the Russian Federation. Before cancellation of licensing it was going on according licenses.

License A-02062, reg ¹ 47/Ì/00/0330/20/Ë (St. Petersburg, issued bó Lenkomecologia)

License A-02063, reg ¹ 47/Ì/00/0330/20/Ë (Leningrad oblast, issued bó Lenkomecologia)

License Ã-903936, reg ¹ Ì01/0497/20/Ë (Russian Federation, issued bó Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation)



The most important EIA projects, approved by governmental ecological expertise and related to activity of IEG are:

- Section “Preservation of the Environment” in the project “ Settlement Druzhnaja gorka. Natural gas industry. Corrections to working package of gas pipe-line building to the settlement with consideration of natural gas from city of Luga” (Decision of a commission of governmental experts from 12.09.2000, ¹ 804);
- EIA in “Technical and economical grounds of the plant for fine petroleum refining in the city of Kirishi, Leningrad oblast” (Decision of a commission of governmental experts from 16.07.1999, ¹ 490);
- EIA in “ Declaration of intensions on building of petroleum products pipe-line system from the petroleum refining plant in the city of Kirishi to sea port complex in the Batareinaia Bay” (Decision of a commission of governmental experts from 14.01.1997, ¹ 01-83-800/681/7660-01 (Lencoecologia);
- EIA in content of documentation “Corrections to working package of building of the second line of solid waste treatment plant ¹2 of St. Petersburg” (Decision of a commission of governmental experts from 14.01.1997, ¹ 01-83-800/681/7660-01 (Lencoecologia);
- EIA in the Technical and economical grounds for the project of building of terminal on transshipping of liquid ammonia and methanol in the western coast of the island Vysotzkyi of the Vyborg district of the Leningrad oblast” (Decision of a commission of governmental experts, approved by order of the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation from 06.02.2001, ¹ 121).



The most important guidelines developed and issued by EIA group:

- Integrated assessment of ecological state and quality of environment in the city territories/ St. Petersburg, 1999;
- Preparation of materials on environmental impact assessment for North-West region. Methodical recommendations. St. Petersburg, 1996;
- Guidelines for monitoring of non-indigenous species in the Gulf of Finland (Decision 6/07 of a commission of experts, at Government of St. Petersburg from 21.11.2007).