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On the migratory Black Sea lamprey and the nomenclature of the ludoga, Peipsi and ripus whitefishes (Agnatha: Petromyzontidae; Teleostei: Coregonidae)

M. Kottelat, N.G. Bogutskaya & J. Freyhof

Abstract. The data on the extinct migratory Black Sea lamprey are reviewed. The records from the Prut (Danube drainage) apparently refer to Eudontomyzon mariae while those from the Dnieper and Don refer to a larger species, which is apparently extinct. No museum material is known to survive, and its identity cannot be resolved. Coregonus ludoga Polyakov, 1874 is an unnecessary replacement name for C. widegreni Malmgren, 1863. Coregonus lutokka nom. n. is proposed here as a new replacement name for C. ludoga Berg, 1916, the ludoga whitefish of lakes Ladoga and Onega. Coregonus maraenoides Polyakov, 1874 is the valid name of the Peipus whitefish. Coregonus ladogae Pravdin, Golubev & Belyaeva, 1938 is the valid name of the ripus of Lake Ladoga.

Zoosystematica Rossica, 2005, 14(1): 181–186  ▪  Опубликовано в печати 18 октября 2005 г.

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