Journal "Parazitologiya"

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ISSN 0031-1847

Journal “Parazitologiya” is published since January 1967 and was founded by the General Biology Department of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. Now the journal is issued by the Russian Academy of Sciences and Biology Department of RAS

Journal is published by (ФГУП «Издательство «Наука»). The journal is printed in the First Academic printing office “Nauka” (Saint-Petersburg).

Journal “Parazitologiya” publishes papers in Russian and English on general problems of parasitology, on ecology, morphology, taxonomy, and evolution of parasitic animals, including Protozoa, on host-parasite relations of living organisms, on vector-borne nidal diseases, and on other problems of parasitology.

Parazitologiya is a peer-reviewed journal and is included in the List of journals recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission for doctoral and candidate dissertations. The journal has no page charges.

Parazitologiya is published bimonthly; each issue comprises about 100 pages.



Oleg N. Pugachev

Associate editor

Kirill V. Galaktionov

Assistant editor

Alexei V. Khalin

Editorial board

Viktor V. Glupov

Andrey A. Dobrovolsky

Gennady N. Dorovskikh

Evgeny P. Ieshko

Sergey S. Kozlov

Edward I. Korenberg

Mstislav V. Krylov

Sergey A. Leonovich

Sergey G. Medvedev

Sergey V. Mironov

Andrey N. Pelgunov

Alexandr Yu. Ryss

Natalia A. Filippova

Alexandr O. Frolov

Alexandr A. Stekolnikov