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Proceedings of the Zoological Institute RAS (Proceedings ZIN) is a peer-reviewed journal (the list of the Higher Attestation Commission for doctoral and candidate theses) publishing original papers in all currents of zoology (systematics of animals and faunistics; distribution and abundance of animals; ecology of animals; anatomy and morphology of animals; physiology, higher nervous activity and behavior of animals; ethology of animals; embryology of animals; paleozoology and evolution of animals; protozoology; protistology; invertebrate zoology; helminthology; entomology; ichthyology; herpetology; ornithology; theriology), as well as parasitology and hydrobiology.

The periodical version of Proceedings ZIN succeeds the serial publication of the same name.


Language of publications: English/Russian.

No page charges, free PDFs for authors.


The journal was founded by the Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Published by the Zoological Institute as periodical since 2008 (volume 312).


Proceedings ZIN is indexed by Scopus and included in the Russian Science Citation Index of Web of Science.

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