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Research Collections ZIN RAS

Atlas of morphology of the animal nervous system

Atlas of morphology of the animal nervous system

Biodiversity of Russia

BIODIV - Biological Diversity of Russia

Biodiversity of the Baltic Sea

BALTDIV - Lead Laboratory on Biodiversity of the Baltic Sea Regional Project


Interdisciplinary Expert Group (IEG) for assessment of the modern state of ecosystems of the Russian sector of the Baltic Sea

SaLLE - Saline lakes and lagoons of Europe

SaLLE - Saline Lakes and Lagoons of Europe

Caspian Sea Biodiversity Project

CASPDIV - Caspian Sea Biodiversity Project


ZOOINT - an integrated system for zoological data bases


ZINSECTA - an interactive database of World Insects
fauna taxonomy


PICKEY - an interactive multi-entry polychotomous key for
identification of organisms by intensive use of images


WWWKeys - the interactive identification programs for Internet users


ArcOD - Arctic Ocean Diversity (= Arctic Census of Marine Life)                                    (International Science Programme)


CAML - Census of Antarctic Marine Life


CNAMF - Computer Network for Arctic Marine Fauna
                                                             (NATO Science Programme)


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