Annual Reports of the Zoological Institute RAS held  from April 4th to 6th, 2000 in the main building of the Zoological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences.

Volume containing whole papers of the Sessions in English (Proceedings of the Zoological Institute RAS, vol. 286, 2000) can be ordered at office@zin.ru



Aladin N.V., Filippov A.A, Petukhov V.A., Plotnikov I.S. Results of hydrobiological and palaeonthological studies at the Northern Caspian Sea

Belova L.M., Krylov M.V. Specificity of Coccidia of fishes (Sporozoa, Coccidiida)

Boulion V.V., L. Hekanson. Modelling of water ecosystems respondent to changes in external conditions

Chaban E.M. Some materials for revision of opisthobranchs of the family Retusidae (Mollusca: Cephalaspidea)

Dmitriev D.A. To the knowledge of larvae of leafhoppers of the subfamily Deltocephalinae (Homoptera, Cicadellidae)

Galkina V.N. Microflora of bottom sediments of the White Sea Basin

Gambaryan P.P. A unique case of convergency in mammals

Gnezdilov V.M. The fauna of Cicadina (Homoptera) of the main plant formations of North-West Caucasus

Golubkov S.M., Orlova M.I., Umnova L.P. The impact of the Caspian Sea water level fluctuations on the productivity of the Volga River Estuary

Gontar V.I. Evolutionary trends in Crisiidae (Cyclostomata, Bryozoa)

Grebelnyi S.D. The mechanisms of unisexual reproduction and pure either maternal or paternal inheritance

Ivanova M.B. Structure and function of pelagic zooplankton in lakes of different productivity (with reference to small lakes of north-western Russia)

Kutikova L.A. Variability in obligatory parthenogenetic rotifers (Rotifera, Bdelloida)

Kuzmina I.E. Geographical variability of mammoths in the Late Pleistocene

Lobanov A.L., Dianov M.B., Medvedev S.G., Panov V.E., Smirnov V.E. Presentation and use of zoological information in the global Internet network

Narchuk E.P. Outbreaks of carnivorous fly Thaumatomyia notata Meigen (Diptera: Chloropidae) and their periodicity

Payevsky V.A., Shapoval A.P. Survival rates, life spans, and age structure of bird populations

Petrov A.A. Morphological transformations of the reproductive system in the family Monocelididae (Turbellaria, Proseriata)

Przhiboro A.A. Synusia of the turf inhabitants of monocotyledones: a poorly known component of the lake macrobenthos

Punin M.Yu., Markosova T.G. Regulatory cells in the intestine of turbellarian worms and the possible evolution of intestinal regulatory systems in Metazoa

Reznik S.Ya., Voinovich N.D., Umarova T.Ya. Effects of experience on host selection in Trichogramma principium (Hymenoptera, Trichogrammatidae)

Romanov V.N. Neural complex of tunicates in relation to vertebrate hypophysis

Shatrov A.B. Metamorphosis: criteria and evaluations

Slepkova N.V. To the history of the Zoological Museum. The history of the site. Exhi-bition at the beginning of the 20th century

Stepanjants S.D., Anokhin B.A., Kuznetsova V.G. Hydrida composition and place in the system of Hydroidea (Cnidaria: Hydrozoa)

Zherebtsova O.V. Spiny cover and defence strategy of mammals