Каталог чешуекрылых (Lepidoptera) России. Второе издание.

Catalogue of the Lepidoptera of Russia
Edition 2

Edited by S.Yu. Sinev

(In Russian)

St. Petersburg: Zoological Institute RAS, 2019. 448 p.
ISBN 978-5-98092-068-5

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Catalogue of the Lepidoptera of Russia
Edition 2, version 2.2

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The catalogue deals with the representatives of 97 families of Lepidoptera known by now from the territory of Russian Federation. On the total, 2251 genera and 9617 species (1039 genera and 5617 species of Microlepidoptera, 1212 genera and 4000 species of Macrolepidoptera) are mentioned. For each species, the distribution through 40 regional divisions of Russia, 17 in European and 23 in Asian part of the country, is traced. The taxa of supraspecific rank are placed according the modern classification of the order. Comments contain the information on the synonymic names repeatedly occurring in the Russian literature. The following taxonomic or nomenclatural changes are introduced: Excurvaria Kuprijanov, 1994 – syn. nov. to Incurvaria Haworth, 1828 (Incurvariidae); Tinea phengitella Hübner, 1813 – syn. nov. to Callisto denticulella (Thunberg, 1794) (Gracillariidae); Pyroderces klimeschi Rebel, 1938 – syn. nov. to Pyroderces sarcogypsa (Meyrick, 1932 and Eteobalea bernhardiella (Kasy, 1973) – stat. nov. (Cosmopterigidae); Alucita pliginskii Zagulajev, 2000 – syn. nov. to Alucita cymatodactyla Zeller, 1852 и Pterotopteryx monticola Zagulajev, 1992 – syn. nov. to Pterotopteryx synnephodactyla (Alpheráky, 1876) (Alucitidae); Merulempista subrubella (Amsel, 1970), comb. nov.syn. nov. to Merulempista obliquifasciella (Zerny, 1914), comb. nov.; Merulempista digitata Ren, Liu & Li, 2011 – syn. nov. to Merulempista obliquifasciella (Zerny, 1914), comb. nov. and Ancylosis triangulicosta Tsvetkov, 2018 – syn. nov. to Ancylosis hecestella Roesler, 1970 (all Pyralidae); Conchia mundataria uncinataria Vojnits, 1975 – syn. nov. to Aspitates mundataria (Stoll, 1782); Aspitates forbesi staudingeri (Vojnits, 1975) – stat. nov.; Alcis gorbatschevi (Kardakoff, 1928), comb. nov.syn. nov. to Alcis castigataria (Bremer, 1864); Thera oligeri Lastuchin, 2002 – syn. nov. to Thera obeliscata (Hübner, 1787) and Scopula astheniata Viiidalepp, 2005 – syn. nov. to Scopula nemoraria (Hübner, 1799) (all Geometridae). The following new combinations are established: Episcythrastis amurensis (Ragonot, 1893), bona sp., comb. nov.; Arsissa albistriga (Erschoff, 1874), comb. nov.; Sciota melanotaeniella (Ragonot, 1888), comb. nov. (все Pyralidae). The following species are mentioned to the fauna of Russia for the first time: Saridoscelis synodias Meyrick, 1932 (Yponomeutidae); Chrysoclista gabretica Šumpich, 2012 (Parametriotidae); Blastobasis pannonica Šumpich & Škyva, 2011 and Hypatopa montivaga Moriuti, 1982 (Blastobasidae); Eteobalea bernhardiella (Kasy, 1973) (Cosmopterigidae); Polopeustis arctiella (Gibson, 1920) (Pyralidae).