Check list of Odonata of the World in the collection of the Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ZIN)

The present site consists of the information on the dry pinned collection of damselflies and dragonflies prepared by curator of Odonata V. Krivokhatsky and assistants N. Myaekivi (1998-2000) and E. Golikova (2001-2003). At the present time the collection is systematizied; it includes more than 300 boxes with specimens identified by more than 20 specialists.

The names were checked with the World Catalogue of Odonata (Steinmann, 1997).

The database in DBF format was prepared by A. Lobanov from the check lists. It consists of classifier and taxonomical system (1450 taxa, including 1000 species, first exposition 15.04.2003), as well as of collecting (place numbers, the presence of type specimens), additional taxonomical (synonyms and combinations) and geographical information. The development of the DB is in progress.

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