What is PICKEY?

PICKEY (Pictured Interactive Computerized biological KEY) - an interactive multi-entry polychotomous key for identification of organisms by intensive use of images.

PICKEY is a most user-attractive part of the package BIKEY, which include a large set of programs for creation, analysis and subsequent perfection of computer keys, the initial information for this programs is stored in the form of data bases of most widespread and accessible format DBF for systems FoxPro, dBASE, FoxBase, Clipper, etc.

PICKEY is one of the oldest interactive program for identification of taxa. The program "Diagnostica-1" for the small computer "Nairi" already contained all mainframes of PICKEY in 1974 yet.

PICKEY is the program with simple interface, it use a minimum number of the management screens elements. This feature is very useful for any users and taxonomy experts.