Keys used PICKEY

In the Zoological Institute (St.Petersburg) the program PICKEY is successfully used for creation of keys of the most usual lady birds beetles (A.Lobanov); families and species of different groups of Cnidaria (S.Stepanjants: medusae and corals) and Echinodermata (I.Smirnov: brittle-stars); species of agricultural pest nematodes genera (A.Ryss: Pratylenchus, Pratylenchoides and Radopholus); orders of insects (A.Lobanov).

CD-ROM "Wir bestimmen Kaefer" ("World of beetles"), published by "dialobis edition" (Berlin, Germany) contents realized with PICKEY key, includes 130 wide-spread species of Europe and Russia belonging to 121 genera and 37 families (A.Lobanov).

The second CD-ROM of the DIALOBIS series by "dialobis edition" - "Wir bestimmen Baeume" ("Trees of Germany") contents realized with PICKEY key for 170 species of trees growing in Germany (B.Schilowa).

All these keys are intended for the wide range of users, such as senior pupils, naturalists, students and postgraduates, teachers, lecturers and professional biologists.