Main features of PICKEY and his advantages of the analogous softwares:

  1. It proposes the characters in descending sequence depending on their diagnostic value.

  2. During selection procedure the PICKEY shows the illustrations of characters automatically. It is not necessary to load the illustrations using special commands.

  3. During selection of character states PICKEY uses mainly images. Text frame serves as an auxiliary mean only. It makes the identification comfortable and reliable.

  4. PICKEY operates the identification automatically. Only minimum mouse actions are needed.

  5. Protocol of identification is saved into the special file.

  6. You can finish an identification at every step of the process by selection of total images, and not character states ("peephole" mode).

  7. Original interface, having no such traditional pull-down menus as "File", "Edit", etc., takes an opportunity to use the screen area for demonstration of large images of high clearness.

  8. Understandable interface and simple operating makes a computer identification comfortable for inexperienced users.