Estonia-Russia Cross Border Cooperation Programme 2014-2020 aims to foster crossborder cooperation across the borders between the Republic of Estonia and the Russian Federation to promote socio-economic development in the regions on both sides of the common borders. The Programme web-site is

Project “HAZLESS” ER90

HAZardous chemicals in the eastern Gulf of Finland – concentrations and impact assessment

T06 Environmental protection, climate change mitigation and adaptation


The Project focuses on adaptation and implementation of uniform biological indicators for assessment and control of environmental quality in the eastern part Gulf of Finland (GoF). The development and harmonization of marine monitoring and environmental status assessment between countries sharing the same sub-regions are essential. The project is directly linked to the ongoing work in HELCOM and is the national (Estonian and Russian) and sub-regional (GoF) contribution rather than duplication regard to the assessment of the impact of harmful substances. Within the course of 35 months beneficiaries will organize the exchange of information regarding the evaluation of pressures, joint attempts to fill in gaps regarding Good Environmental Status descriptors and boundaries.


Total BUDGET: 469 300 EUR

Programme co-financing: 422 370 EUR


35 months 01.04.2019-28.02.2022


TTU - Inga Lips,
SPRES RAS - Sergey Kholodkevich,
ZIN RAS - Nadezhda Berezina,

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