International Symposium

Information Systems

on Biodiversity of

Species & Ecosystems

1-4 December 2003
Zoological Institute RAS, St.Petersburg, Russia

Symposium Photos:  

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  1. Collection & Taxonomic Databases; Electronic Catalogues of taxonomic names
  2. Virtual collections of species images
  3. Interactive keys
  4. Information Systems for monitoring of Natural Ecosystems
  5. Databases and Information Systems on Biodiversity in the Internet and on CD
  6. Information Systems on Species of Economic Importance: resourse species, species harmful for environment and agriculture (quarantinized species and alien species)
  7. Analysis of computer images for biodiversity research.

Forms of presentations:

Symposium Publications:

Symposium Publications will be in forms of the Symposium CD-ROM and the book of abstracts. Selected paper will be published as the Supplement Volume of the international journal "Zoosystematica Rossica". Brief demo-versions of abstracts in MS PowerPoint and HTML format for the Symposium CD-ROM, as well as Abstracts (Eng, not exceed 300 words at total) for distribution among the Symposium participants, are obligatory. Deadline for application, abstracts and brief demo-versions of presentations: 15 October 2003. Abstracts and demoversions have to be sent to the Contact address

Symposium abstract: form to follow

RTF or MS WORD format, Times or Times New Roman font of 14 size. D. W. MINTER1, V. P. HAYEVA2, Yu. Ya. TYKHONENKO2 & A.H. THOMAS3. Electronic distribution maps of Ukrainian fungi .... (300 word in total) .... conservation strategy for Ukrainian fungi.- 1 CABI Bioscience, Bakeham Lane, Egham, Surrey, TW20 9TY, UK, E-mail; 2 M.G. Kholodny Institute of Botany, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Tereshchenkivs'ka 2, MSP-1, Kiev, 252601, Ukraine; 3 Bangor Research Unit, Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, University of Wales Bangor, Deiniol Road, Bangor, Gwynedd, LL57 2UP, UK.

Organising Committee:



Academician Prof. A. Alimov (Zoological Institute RAS, St.Petersburg)


Dr. O. Pugachev (Zoological Institute RAS, St.Petersburg)

Dr. A. Ryss (Zoological Institute RAS, St.Petersburg)


Dr. I. Smirnov (Zoological Institute RAS, St.Petersburg)

OrgCommittee members:

Acad. Prof. Pavlov (Institute of Ecology and Evolution RAS, Moscow)

Prof. Petrosyan (Institute of Ecology and Evolution RAS, Moscow)

Prof. Yarmishko (Botanical Institute RAS, St. Petersburg)

Dr. D. Geltman (Botanical Institute RAS, St. Petersburg)

Dr. Yu. Roskov (Botanical Institute RAS, St. Petersburg)

Dr. A. Lobanov (Zoological Institute RAS, St Petersburg)

Ing. M. Dianov (Zoological Institute RAS, St Petersburg)

Prof. Yu.Yu. Dgebuadze (Institute of Ecology and Evolution RAS, Moscow)

Prof. V.M. Neronov (Institute of Ecology and Evolution RAS, Moscow)

Acad. Prof. Kolchanov (Institute of Cytology and Genetics, Sibirian Branch of RAS, Novosibirsk).

Cultural Program:

Cultural program includes the bus excursion in the center of the city and visit of the Hermitage, one of the most famous fine art museum in the world. According the wishes of participants, the pedestrian excursions in the different parts of the historic city center ("old Petersburg") may be organized by the OrgCommittee.

Symposium language:

English, for the occasional presentations of some hard and strict Russian speakers the synchronous translation to English will be done.

Contact addresses:

Further information available from:

Dr Igor Smirnov, Secretary of IT Conference


Dr. Alex  Ryss, symposium vice-charman


Fax (7-812) 3236955

Tel (7-812) 3280611

Postal address: Zoological Institute Russain Academy of Sciences, Universitetskaya Naberezhnaya, 1, St.Petersburg, 199034, Russia


Welcome to IT Symposium in Petersburg,
Sincerely Yours - The OrgCommittee