International Conference Aral '09

(12 - 15 October, Saint Petersburg, Russia)

Aral: Past, Present and Future
Two centuries of the Aral Sea investigations



The Aral ’09 Conference is devoted to:
- 160 years since the expedition of A.I. Butakov,
- the 100th anniversary of publication of the book “Aral Sea” by Leo S. Berg,
- the 70th anniversary of organization of Barsakelmes State Nature Reserve
- 45 years since the Aral Sea Expedition of Russian State Pedagogical University,
- 20 years since organization of Brackish Water Laboratory of Zoological Institute, St. Petersburg
- 15 years since setting up the International Fund for Saving the Aral Sea (IFAS)

The Aral '09 International Conference will bring together an exceptional array of speakers and participants to highlight the achievements in the Aral Basin investigations today and to discuss strategies for their future.

This conference presents a unique opportunity for a wide range of professionals, researchers, and students to come together to help plan the future of the field.

Topics of the Conference


Who Should Attend?

The Conference has been designed as a meeting-ground for researchers and users in the area of the former Aral Sea basin, such as: content providers in fields such as taxonomists, geologists, ecologists, policy-makers, developers of conservations strategiesbiodiversity databases, software, and data standards; and users from diverse fields such as conservation, land use, agriculture, and sustainable development. Computer scientists and engineers interested in biodiversity informatics are encouraged to join us and share their expertise and perspectives.

Participants from public research funding agencies, private foundations and donor organizations are also welcome, as they will play a key role in determining the next steps for the Aral Basin use and reabilitation.

Using This Conference Website

Throughout this website you will find information that will help you maximize your experience at Aral '09, from a review of scheduled events in the Conference Programme to Travel Information.

This event is co-sponsored by Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Saint-Petersburg Scientific Centre, Zoological Institute of RAS, and twelve other leading biodiversity research institutions...(see more...)