Anna I. Solovyeva

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Academic degree: Candidate of Biological Sciences
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Position: Researcher
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Educational background: St.Petersburg State University, 2013
Dissertations: “Mobile elements are involved in the formation of clonal variation of Himasthla elongata (Trematoda, Himasthlidae).” (PhD)
Research interests: molecular biology, genomics, mobile DNA elements, cytogenetics, zoology, parasitology, phylogeny, bioinformatics, cell biology.
Pedagogical activity:
  • Participation in programs for undergraduate 3rd year bachelors and 1st year Masters courses at the Department of Cytology and Histology of the Faculty of Biology of St. Petersburg State University.
  • “Molecular methods in biology” practical course realization for 4th year bachelors at School of natural sciences in Far Eastern State University. (Vladivostok)
Scientific projects and grants:
  • RFBR 17-04-02161а. “Investigation of transposable elements impact in trematode clonal variability”.
  • RSF № 19-74-20102. “Long non-coding RNA (lncRNA) as regulators in the development of animals”.
  • RSF № 14-14-00621. “Parasite evolution in natural and man-caused ecosystem transformation: analysis and forecast”.
  • RSF № 18-14-00170. “The effect of ecosystem transformations on the transmission of parasites in the coastal areas of the Arctic seas - a retrospective and perspective”.
Selected Publications:
  • А.И. Соловьева, Н.К. Галактионов, and О.И. Подгорная. Ретротранспозон класса LINE является компонентом паттерна полиморфных фрагментов партенит трематоды Himasthla elongata. Цитология, 55(7):492–500, 2013.
  • Galaktionov NK, Solovyeva AI, Fedorov AV, Podgornaya OI. Trematode Himasthla elongata mariner element (Hemar): structure and applications. J Exp Zool B Mol Dev Evol. 2014 May; 322(3):142-55.
  • Solovyeva AI, Stefanova VN, Podgornaya OI, Demin SIu. Karyotype features of trematode Himasthla elongata. Mol Cytogenet. 2016 Apr 29;9:34.
  • Лебедев Е.Е, Остромышеский Д.И., Соловьева А.И., Туренко А.С., Дроздов А.Л., Подгорная О.И., Адонин Л.С. Транспозоны морского ежа Strongylocentrotus intermedius A. Agassiz, 1863: in silico versus in vitro. Биология Моря, 2019, декабрь 45(6):384-391.
  • Anna Solovyeva, Kirill Nikolaev, Egor Lebedev, Evdokiiya Potolytsina, Nickolay Galaktionov, Ivan Levakin. Reduced infectivity in Himasthla elongata (Trematoda, Himasthlidae) cercariae with deviant photoreaction. Journal pf helminthology, 2020. In press.