Anna G. Gonchar

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Academic degree: No degree
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Position: Junior Researcher
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Educational background: Saint Petersburg State University, 2012
Research interests: marine invertebrates, flaworms, digeneans, parasitology, phylogeography, life cycles, marine coastal ecosystems, bird parasites.
Field studies: White Sea, Pechora Sea, Murman coast of Barents Sea, northern Norway, Svalbard.
Pedagogical activity: SPbU:
  • BSc 1 — Invertebrate Zoology. Part 1: Protista
  • BSc 1 — Invertebrate Zoology. Part 2: Metazoa
  • BSc 1 — Summer field training in invertebrate zoology
  • BSc 2 — General ecology
  • BSc 3/4 — English for professional purposes
  • MSc 2 — Integrative Zoology. Special seminar.
Evolutionary and Taxonomic Diversity of Marine Invertebrates (international summer course, White Sea)
Online course “Introduction to Parasitology” (Coursera, in Russian),
Scientific projects and grants:
  • RSF grant 19-74-10029. Life cycles and circulation of Trematoda in subtidal communities of the White Sea. 2019–2022. Leader: D. Krupenko.
  • RFBR grant 18-34-01001. Intraspecific diversity in marine trematodes with different transmission strategies in the high north. 2018–2020. Leader: A. Gonchar.
  • RSF grant 18-14-00170. Effect of ecosystem transformations on transmission of parasites in nearshore areas of the Arctic seas: retrospective analysis and prospects. 2017–2020. Leader: K. Galaktionov.
  • RFBR grant 16-04-00753. How is digenean transmission regulated at the coasts of polar seas? Testing ecological factors in the view of climate oscillations. 2015–2018. Leader: K. Galaktionov.
  • RSF grant 14-14-00621. Evolution of parasites during natural and anthropogenic transformation of ecosystems: analysis and predictions. 2014–2016. Leader: K. Galaktionov.
Selected Publications:
  • Gonchar A., Galaktionov K.V. 2020. New data support phylogeographic patterns in a marine parasite Tristriata anatis (Digenea: Notocotylidae). Journal of Helminthology. 94.
  • Gonchar A., Jouet D., Skírnisson K., Krupenko D., Galaktionov K.V. 2019. Transatlantic discovery of Notocotylus atlanticus (Digenea: Notocotylidae) based on life cycle data. Parasitology Research. 118(5): 1445-1456.
  • Gonchar A., Galaktionov K.V. 2017. Life cycle and biology of Tristriata anatis (Digenea: Notocotylidae): morphological and molecular approaches. Parasitology Research. 116(1): 45-59.
  • Krupenko D., Gonchar A. 2017. Musculature arrangement and locomotion in notocotylid cercariae (Digenea: Notocotylidae) from mud snail Ecrobia ventrosa (Montagu, 1803). Parasitology International. 66(3): 262-271.
  • Krupenko D., Gonchar A. 2017. Ventral concavity and musculature arrangement in notocotylid maritae (Digenea: Notocotylidae). Parasitology International. 66(5): 660-665.
  • Gonchar A., Galaktionov K.V. 2016. Substratum preferences in two notocotylid (Digenea, Notocotylidae) cercariae from Hydrobia ventrosa at the White Sea. Journal of Sea Research. 113: 115-118.
  • Krupenko D.Y., Krapivin V.A., Gonchar A.G. 2016. Muscle system in rediae and daughter sporocysts of several digeneans. Zoomorphology. 135(4): 405-418.
  • Berge .J, Daase M., Renaud P.E., Ambrose W.G.J., Darnis G., Last K.S., Leu E., Cohen J.H., Johnsen G., Moline M.A., Cottier F., Varpe O., Shunatova N., Balazy P., Morata N., Massabuau J.-C., Falk-Petersen S., Kosobokova K., Hoppe C.J.M., Weslawski J.M., Kuklinski P., Legezynska J., Nikishina D., Cusa M., Kedra M., Wlodarska-Kowalczuk M., Vogedes D., Camus L., Tran D., Michaud E., Gabrielsen T.M., Granovitch A., Gonchar A., Krapp R., Callesen T.A. 2015. Unexpected levels of biological activity during the polar night offer new perspectives on a warming arctic. Current Biology. 25: 2555-2561.
  • Koehler A.V., Gonchar A.G., Poulin R. 2011. Genetic and environmental determinants of host use in the trematode Maritrema novaezealandensis (Microphallidae). Parasitology. 138: 100-106.