Ludmila V. Chistyakova

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Academic degree: Candidate of Biological Sciences
Academic title: No title
Position: Senior Researcher
Contact phone: +7 (812) 735-78-57
Educational background: Leningrad State University, 1993
Dissertations: “Genus Pelomyxa Greeff, 1874 (pelomyxae) – morphology, biology and phylogeny.” (PhD)
Research interests: Protistology, anaerobic protists, symbiotic associations, taxonomy, phylogeny,biodiversity, morphology, life cycles, ultrastructure.
Field studies: North-West of Russia.
Professional membership: Interregional Russian Microbiological Society,
Scientific projects and grants:
  • RFBR 18-04-00138 а PI A.O. Frolov “Trypanosomatids and their prokaryotic endosymbionts: cophylogeny and a diversity of symbiotic associations”.
  • RFBR 16-04-01454 а PL A.V. Smirnov “Evolution, phylogeny and systematics of amoebae of the class Tubulinea (Amoebozoa, Lobosa)”.
  • RFBR 15-04-00396-a PI A.O. Frolov “A comprehensive analysis of cytobiontic communities of the archamoebas (Amoebozoa, Archamoebae)”.
  • RFBR 11-04-00217-а PI A.O. Frolov “Experimental and theoretical analysis of a phylogenetic concept of Conosa”.
  • RFBR 08-04-00176-а PI A.O. Frolov “Experimental and theoretical analysis of a phylogenetic concept of Archamoebae”.
Selected Publications:
  • Chistyakova L. V., A. O. Frolov. 2011. Light and electron microscopic study of Pelomyxa stagnalis sp. n. (Archamoebae, Pelobiontida) Cell and Tissue Biology. 5 (1), 90-97
  • Frolov A. O., L. V. Chystyakova, M. N. Malysheva. 2011. Light and electron microscopic study of Pelomyxa flava sp.n. (Archamoebae, Pelobiontida). Cell and Tissue Biology. 5(1), 81 – 89.
  • Chystyakova L. V., O. A. Miteva, A. O. Frolov. 2012. Morphology of Mastigamoeba aspera Schulze, 1875Cell and Tissue Biology. 6(2), 189 – 196
  • Chystyakova L. V., O. A. Miteva, A. O. Frolov, S.O. Skarlato. 2013. Comparative morphology of the Subphilum Conosa Cavalier-Smith 1998. Tsytologia. 55 (11), 778 – 787.
  • E. Ptáˇcková, A. Yu. Kostygov, L. V. Chistyakova, L. Falteisek, A. O. Frolov, D. J. Patterson, G.Walker, I. Cepicka 2013 Evolution of Archamoebae: Morphological and Molecular Evidence for Pelobionts Including Rhizomastix, Entamoeba, Iodamoeba, and Endolimax Protist. 164 (3), 380 – 410
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  • Berdieva M. A., L. V. Chistyakova, O. A. Miteva, A. O. Frolov, A. V. Goodkov. 2015. A light and electron microscopic study of Pelomyxa secunda (Gruber, 1884) comb. nov. (Archamoebae, Pelobiontida). Cell and Tissue Biology 9(2), 158-165
  • Chistyakova L. V., Berdieva M. A., Kostygov A.Y., Frolov A. O. 2016. Diversity of symbiotic consortia of prokaryotes in the cells of pelomyxids (Archamoeba, Pelomyxidae). Protistology. 10(1),13-25.
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  • Корнилова О.А., Волкова Е.Н., Чистякова Л.В. 2017. Фауна эндобионтных инфузорий кишечника сайги Saiga tatarica (Linnaeus, 1766). Паразитология. 51(5), 379-386.
  • Rudakova A.V., A.V. Emeline, K.M. Bulanin, L.V. Chistyakova, V.V. Maevskaya, D.W.Bahnemann. 2018. Self-cleaning properties of zirconium dioxide thin films. Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry. 367, 397-405.
  • Adl, S.M., Bass, D., Lane, C.E. (…),Chistyakova L.V., (…), Zlatogursky, V., Zhang, Q. 2019. Revisions to the Classification, Nomenclature, and Diversity of Eukaryotes. J. Euk. Microbiol. 66(1), 4-119.
  • Kamyshatskaya O., Mesentsev Y., Chistyakova L. and Smirnov, A. 2019. Light-microscopic morphology and ultrastructure of Polychaos annulatum (Penard, 1902) Smirnov et Goodkov, 1998 (Amoebozoa, Tubulinea, Euamoebida), re-isolated from the surroundings of St. Petersburg (Russia). Protistology, 13(1).
  • Kamyshatskaya O.G., N. I. Bondarenko, Y. S. Mesentsev, L. V. Chistyakova, E. S. Nassonova, A. V. Smirnov 2020. Molecular Phylogeny of Polychaos annulatum (Amoebozoa, Tubulinea, Euamoebida) Shows that Genus Polychaos Belongs to the Family Hartmannellidae. J.Eukar. Microbiol.