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7 November 2019

Mikhail Markovets

Ph.D., Researcher

Born 28 March 1963.


My scholarly interests include ecology and behaviour of sedentary species of tits (Parus), irruptions of birds, monitoring of avian populations. I have also worked on wintering ecology and migrations of Bluethroats (Luscinia svecica) and blood parasites of Siberian birds. Currently I am a specialist in bird trapping for the purpose of ringing (banding) and parasitological and virological surveys.


  • 2001 - present: Researcher, Biological Station Rybachy, Zoological Institute RAS.
  • 2003-2004: postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Life Sciences at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and the International Birding and Research Centre in Eilat, Israel.
  • 1990-2001: Junior Researcher, Biological Station Rybachy, Zoological Institute RAS.
  • 1988-1990: Research assistant, Biological station Rybachy, Zoological Institute RAS.
  • Education:

  • 2001: Awarded a PhD on "Population ecology of the Marsh Tit Parus palustris" by the Zoological Institute RAS, St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • 1983-1988: M.Sc., Dept. of Vertebrate Zoology, Biological Faculty, Leningrad State University, USSR.
  • Field work and expeditions:

  • 1986 - present: Work at Fringilla field station, Biological Station Rybachy. 1991-1992, 1998-2008 head of Fringilla field station.
  • 2015: Trapping of migrating songbirds, Khakassia, Russia
  • 2014: Trapping of migrating songbirds, Ngulia, Kenya.
  • 2012, 2014: Trapping of resident and migrating songbirds, Primorye, Russia.
  • 2012, 2013: Consulting of construction of stationary funnel trap and management of bird trapping at Baikal State Nature Reserve, Buryatia, Russia.
  • 2008-2010: Trapping of wintering waders and resident and migratory waterbirds, Vietnam.
  • 2008-2009: Trapping of wintering waders Sumatra, East Java (Indonesia).
  • 2007-2009, 2011: Trapping of resident and migrating songbirds, Sakhalin, Russia.
  • 2006, 2007: Trapping of seabirds, resident and migrating songbirds, Kamchatka, Russia.
  • 2004: Trapping of migrating songbirds, Kazakhstan.
  • 2004: Collecting blood samples from birds (Ural and Baikal regions, Russia).
  • 2003-2007: Study of wintering ecology of Bluethroats, Israel.
  • 2002: Construction of stationary funnel traps, bird banding at IBRC, Eilat, Israel.
  • 1999: Ringing of British Storm Petrels, Scotland.
  • 1991: Survey work for a proposed national park, Kamchatka, Russia.
  • 1989: Trapping of migrating songbirds, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, USSR.
  • 1989: Geobotanical and ornithological surveys, Kola Peninsula, USSR.
  • 1988: Geobotanical surveys, Polar Urals, USSR.
  • 1986, 1990: Geobotanical surveys, Kamchatka, USSR.

  • Selected publications in English:

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    Bojarinova J., Markovets M. 2007. Late-hatched Great Tits Parus major: how do they contribute to the next year breeding population? Ardea 91: 65-73. PDF

    Markovets M., Yosef R. 2005. Phenology, duration and site fidelity of wintering bluethroat (Luscinia svecica) at Eilat, Israel. J. Arid Environments 61: 93-100. PDF

    Palinauskas V., Markovets M.Y., Kosarev V., Efremov V.D., Sokolov L.V., Valkiunas G. 2005. Occurrence of avian haematozoa in Ekaterinburg and Irkutsk districts of Russia. Ekologija 4: 8-12. PDF

    Kulakov V.I., Markovets M.Yu. 2004. Birds as companions of Germanic Gods and Heroes. Acta archaeologica 75: 179-188. PDF

    Sokolov L.V., Markovets M.Yu., Shapoval A.P., Morozov Yu.G. 1998. Long-term trends in the timing of spring migration of passerines on the Courish spit of the Baltic sea. Avian Ecol. Behav. 1: 1-21. PDF