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Avian Ecology and Behaviour


Last updated:
24 January 2019

Dmitry Leoke

Research assistant

Born in 29 January 1972 in Leningrad, USSR.


Publications in English:

Bolshakov C.V., Bulyuk V.N., Kosarev V., Leoke D., Mukhin A., Chernetsov N., Tsvey A. 2003. Time of nocturnal departures of robins Erithacus rubecula from migratory stopover: radiotracking data. Die Vogelwarte, 42 (1-2): 21.

Chernetsov N., Sokolov L.V., Kosarev V., Leoke D., Markovets M., Tsvey A., Shapoval A.P., 2006. Sex-related natal dispersal of Pied Flycatchers: How far away from home? Condor, 108: 711-716.

Bolshakov C.V., Chernetsov N., Mukhin A., Bulyuk V.N., Kosarev V., Ktitorov P., Leoke D., Tsvey A. 2007. Time of nocturnal departures in European robins Erithacus rubecula in relation to celestial cues, season, stopover duration and fat stores. Animal Behaviour, 74: 855-865.

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Bolshakov C.V., Shapoval A.P., Leoke D.Yu., Zelenova N.P. 2014. Results of bird trapping and ringing by the Biological Station "Rybachy" on the Courish Spit in 2013. Avian Ecology and Behaviour, 25: 27-60.