IT Department

The issue of introducing information technologies in scientific research was raised at the Zoological Institute in 1985. A short time later a terminal channel of communication with the Institute of Information Science and BESM-6 computer was tested. However to use this system was not so convenient and it was decided to establish information centre at the Zoological Institute on the basis of mini computer SM-1420.

In 1988 the centre was put into operation, which allowed a large number of the Institute’s staff members to learn the most recent information technologies in zoological research. It was at the same time that information group was established.

In 1989 the first personal computers were installed at the Institute. At the same time it became possible to use information technologies to support partly the Institute’s editorial activities. By 1992 SM-1420 was no longer used: about 10 computers were installed in Institute’s laboratories; computer editorial centre of the Institute was established.

In 1995 digital printing system was put into operation. This permitted the Institute to publish a large part of its works: monographs - author’s abstracts, small monographs written by one author or several authors, Proceedings of meetings and report sessions of the Institute and periodical editions - Proceedings of the Zoological Institute and Journals, i.e. “Zoosystematica Rossica”, “Avian Ecology and Behaviour”.

The number of personal computers at the Institute increased steadily. In 1997 first segments of the local network were established and in 1999 a powerful computer server was installed at the Institute. The Zoological Institute Web Site was placed on the server for general access on the Internet. High-performance commercial external channel of access to the Internet was installed. Global modernization of the Institute’s local network began.

Owing to the goal-oriented computerization policy the Institute has approximately 100 personal computers connected to both the Institute’s local network and the Internet, the Web Portal permanently enriched with information, and computer-based publishing house.


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