The Department of Electron Microscopy of the Laboratory of Parasitology

The Department of Electron Microscopy was established in 1971 for the inculcation of the transmission and scanning electronic microscopy methods into investigations carried out by the Laboratory of Parasitology and other divisions of the Zoological Institute, RAS.

In 1979, scientists of the department published a unique volume “An Atlas of Ixodid Tick Ultrastructure” (edited by Yu.S. Balashov), which was republished in English in USA in 1983. At present time researchers of the department investigate the electron-microscopy structure of the different groups of mites and ticks, insects and worms. Results of the most important studies of recent years are published in monographs of “Sensory organs of insects and other Arthropods” (2000) and A.B. Shatrov “Trombiculid mites and their parasitism on vertebrate hosts” (2000).


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