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Contribution to knowledge of the cockroach subfamilies Paranauphoetinae (stat. n.), Perisphaeriinae and Panesthiinae (Dictyoptera: Blaberidae)

L.N. Anisyutkin

Abstract. The systematic position and phylogeny of the subfamilies Perisphaeriinae and Panesthiinae, and the genus Paranauphoeta Brunn. are discussed. The tribe Paranauphoetini Rehn, 1951 is raised in rank to subfamily. The genera Paranauphoeta, Trichoblatta Sauss. & Zehn., Glomerexis B.-Bien. and Perisphaerus Serv. are rediagnosed. A new species, T. beybienkoi sp. n., and a new subspecies, Paranauphoeta vicina vietnamensis ssp. n., are described. For T. valida B.-Bien., Perisphaerus semilunatus Han. and P. punctatus B.-Bien., the male is described for the first time. For Paranauphoeta nigra B.-Bien., P. indica Sauss. & Zehn., P. vicina Brunn., P. v. sinica B.-Bien., P. lyrata (Burm.), P. rufipes Brunn., P. formosana Mats., T. magnifica (Shelf.), T. aerea B.-Bien., T. fallax B.-Bien., T. montshadskii B.-Bien., T. semisulcata (Han.), T. valida, T. v. moderata B.-Bien., T. sculpta (B.-Bien.), T. tarsalis (Walk.), T. humbertiana (Sauss.), T. pilosa (B.-Bien.), G. tibetana B.-Bien., Perisphaerus semilunatus, and P. punctatus, data on the morphology and geographical distribution are given.

Zoosystematica Rossica, 2003, 12(1): 55–77  ▪  Опубликовано в печати 30 декабря 2003 г.

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