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A revision of Leptophlebiidae of Cuba (Ephemeroptera)

N.Yu. Kluge

Abstract. A revision of Cuban leptophlebiid species is given. 7 species and subspecies are described as new: Hagenulus (Borinquena) sextus sp. n., H. (Turquinophlebia) grandis sp. n., H. (Poecilophlebia) pacoi sp. n., H. (Careospina) hespera sierramaestrae subsp. n., H. (C.) baconaoi sp. n., H. (C.) evanescens sp. n., and H. (Traverina) oriente sp. n. Additionalcharacters of Farrodes bimaculatus, Hagenulus (Hagenulus) caligatus, H. (H.) morrisonae, H. (Careospina) hespera hespera, and H. (Traverina) cubensis are described. For all above mentioned Cuban leptophlebiid species male and female imagos, subimagos, and nymphs are known. Borinquena, Careospina and Traverina originally described as separate genera are regarded as subgenera of the genus Hagenulus s. l. New diagnoses of the genus Hagenulus s. l. and its subgenera are given, two new subgenera, Turquiophlebia subgen. n. and Poecilophlebia subgen. n., are described. For the genera Farrodes and Hagenulus s. l. a new tribe, Hagenulini tribus n., is established.

Zoosystematica Rossica, 1993, 2(2): 247–285  ▪  Опубликовано в печати 31 декабря 1993 г.



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