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Contribution to the knowledge of parasites of Eulecanium douglasi Šulc and E. franconicum Lindinger (Homoptera: Coccidae): on Blastothrix truncatipennis (Ferrière) with notes on the genus Metablastothrix Sugonyaev (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae)

N.D. Voinovich, V.A. Trjapitzin & E.S. Sugonyaev

Abstract. The investigation of type series of Microterys truncatipennis Ferrière, 1955 (from Germany), Blastothrix pragensis Hoffer, 1963 (from Czech Republic) and B. trjapitzini Sugonyaev, 1976 (from Karelia and Kazakhstan) shows that M. truncatipennis belongs to the genus Blastothrix Mayr, B. pragensis and B. tryapitzini being its synonyms. M. tatricus Erdös, 1955 from Slovakia and Poland is another synonym of B. truncatipennis. The lectotype of B. prangensis is designated. B. truncatipennis is a primary parasite of the Birch Lecanium Scale Eulecanium douglasi Šulc and Blackberry Lecanium Scale E. franconicum Lindinger (Homoptera: Coccoidea). Morphological characters of adult B. trancatipennis for three generations developing in Karelia during 2 years and their variability are given. The genus Metablastothrix Sugonyaev includes secondary parasites of coccids. Its type species was misidentified by Sugonyaev as Mycroterys truncatipennis. It is suggested that Metablastothrix isomorpha Sugonyaev (treated formelly as Asiatic subspecies of Metablastothrix truncatipennis sensu Sugonyaev, non Ferrière) should be designated as the type species of the genus Metablastothrix. For the European subspecies of M. isomorpha the name M. isomorpha occidentalis ssp. n. is proposed.

Zoosystematica Rossica, 1995, 4(1): 167–170  ▪  Опубликовано в печати 29 марта 1996 г.



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