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Systematic diversity of gymnamoebae in the bottom sediments of a freshwater lake in Karelia (Lobosea, Gymnamoebia)

A.V. Smirnov & A.V. Goodkov

Abstract. The fauna of naked amoebae (Lobosea, Gymnamoebia) of the freshwater lake Leshevoe (Valamo Island) had been studied in 1990-1994. 39 amoebae species were found in sediments, 26 of them represent the order Euamoebida, 4 the oder Acanthopodida and 3 the order Leptomyxida. 11 species are new to science. Evidently, in all the previous faunistic publications species diversity of naked amoebae in fresh waters was underestimated. In freshwater habitats the species diversity of Euamoebida seems to be higher and of Leptomyxida lower than in the saltwater ones.

Zoosystematica Rossica, 1995, 4(2): 201–203  ▪  Опубликовано в печати 11 октября 1996 г.



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