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On the casebearer fauna of the Lower Volga region (Lepidoptera: Coleophoridae)

B.V. Anikin & M.I. Falkovitsh

Abstract. A checklist of the Coleophoridae of the south-eastern part of European Russia is presented. Most of the material is collected in Saratov Province. 40 genera and more than 130 species are recorded, almost 50 among them for the first time in Russia (befor the present work these species were recorded only from Western Europe or Middle Asia). For a number of species data on host plants are reported for the first time. In the list, the modern nomenclature is used.

Zoosystematica Rossica, 1996, 5(2): 303–308  ▪  Опубликовано в печати 15 мая 1997 г.



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