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A new bathypelagic copepod Pseudoamallothrix paralaminata sp. n. from the Arctic Basin and arguments for the transfer of Xanthocalanus soaresmoreirai Bjornberg, 1975 to the genus Pseudoamallothrix (Calanoida: Scolecitrichidae)

N.V. Vyshkvartzeva

Abstract. Pseudoamallothrix paralaminata sp. n. is described from the Arctic Basin. The new species is very close to P. laminata (Farran, 1926) and O. profunda (Brodsky, 1950), but clearly differs from these in several characters of male and female. Xanthocalanus soaresmoreirai Bjornberg, 1975 described from male has a number of morphological features never observed in Xanthocalanus (fam. Phaennidae) but typical of the genus Pseudoamallothrix (fam. Scolecitrichidae); in some characters, this species is close to P. ovata (Farran, 1905). X. soaresmoreiraiis transfered to the genus Pseudoamallothrix (comb. n.). A transformation of setae on apical and subapical segments of the male maxilliped as a synapomorphic character for the family Scolecitrichidae is recorded for the first time.

Zoosystematica Rossica, 2003, 12(1): 39–47  ▪  Опубликовано в печати 30 декабря 2003 г.

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