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Name-bearing types of subspecies of Sylvia curruca (L.) and S. althaea Hume in the collection of the Zoological Institute, St. Petersburg (Aves: Sylviidae)

V.M. Loskot

Abstract. Type synonymens of five subspecies of Sylvia curruca (S. c. halimodendri, S. c. telengitica, S. c. snigirewskii, S. c. jaxartica, and S. c. chuancheica) and of S. althaea monticola are examined. Lectotypes are designated for S. curruca halimodendri Sushkin, 1904 and S. c. telengitica Sushkin, 1925. Data on all type specimens are refined and supplemented, including their labels and external morphology (plumage coloration, dimensions, and wing formula). Brief history of investigation of geographical variation in S. curruca and S. althaea is presented. The subspecies status of the Turkmenian Lesser Whitethroat (S. c. snigirewskii Stachanow, 1929) is confirmed. It is found that the holotype of this subspecies is kept in the Zoological Institute, St. Petersburg rather than in the Zoological Museum of the Moskow University, where two paratypes are preserved. New data confirming that S. c. chuancheica Portenko, 1955 is a junior synonym of S. c. margelanica Stolzmann, 1899 are presented.

Zoosystematica Rossica, 2001, 10(1): 219–229  ▪  Опубликовано в печати 25 декабря 2001 г.

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