On the systematic positions of the Bladinini Kirkaldy, Tonginae Kirkaldy, and Trienopinae Fennah (Homoptera, Fulgoroidea)

V.M. Gnezdilov

Abstract. The structure of the male and female genitalia is discussed as the criterion for identification of taxonomic positions of Bladinini Kirkaldy, Tonginae Kirkaldy, and Trienopinae Fennah within fulgoroid families. Tongini Kirkaldy, stat. n. is transferred to the family Nogodinidae Melichar. Bowesdorpia Synave and provisionally Bilbilis Stål are transferred to the tribe Mithymnini Fennah, Mangola Melichar and Rileyopsis Bergevin to the tribe Epacriini Fennah (Nogodinidae). Gaetuliini Fennah, stat. n. and Trienopini Fennah, stat. n. are transferred to the family Tropiduchidae Stål. Distichoptera Brèthes, 1913 is placed in synonymy under Nubithia Stål, 1859 (Gaetuliini) and Ivinga Distant, 1911 under Trienopa Signoret, 1860 (Trienopini). Fritzruehlia Schmidt is transferred to the Trienopini.

Zoosystematica Rossica, 2006, 15(2): 293–297  ▪  Published in print 2 March 2007

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