Racesina, a new generic name for a group of Asian lymnaeid snails (Gastropoda: Hygrophila: Lymnaeidae)

M.V. Vinarski & I.N. Bolotov

Abstract. A new generic name Racesina gen. nov. is proposed to designate a group of Asian lymnaeid snails including Lymnaea luteola Lamarck, 1822 and species closest to it. Earlier these molluscs were classified within the (sub-)genus Cerasina Kobelt, 1881, however, it is shown by us that this name is a junior synonym of Radix Montfort, 1810. The genus Racesina embraces three species distributed in Central, Southeast and South Asia: R. luteola (type species), R. oxiana (O. Boettger, 1889), and R. siamensis (Sowerby, 1873).
Key words: taxonomy, freshwater pulmonate snails, Lymnaeidae, Cerasina, Racesina, new genus

Zoosystematica Rossica, 2018, 27(2): 328–333  ▪  Published online 26 December 2018

https://doi.org/10.31610/zsr/2018.27.2.328  ▪  Open full article  


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