Taxonomic notes on the cricket subfamilies Nemobiinae and Trigonidiinae (Orthoptera: Gryllidae) from islands and coasts of the Pacific and Indian Oceans

A.V. Gorochov, M.K. Tan & Ch.Ya. Lee

Abstract. Several taxa of Nemobiinae and Trigonidiinae from some islands and coasts of Pacific Ocean and Andaman Sea (Indian Ocean) are considered. The tribes Marinemobiini Gorochov, 1985 and Burcini Gorochov, 1986 are briefly redescribed, and the tribes Nemobiini Saussure, 1877 and Pteronemobiini Vickery, 1973 are also discussed. Some genera of Marinemobiini (Marinemobius Gorochov, 1985, Apteronemobius Chopard, 1929 and Parapteronemobius Furukawa, 1970) as well as type species of Apteronemobius (A. longipes Chopard, 1929) are redescribed; Marinemobius and Parapteronemobius are restored from synonyms of Apteronemobius and Caconemobius Kirby, 1906, respectively (with the suggestion of three new combinations for the specific names); Eumarinemobius sundaicus gen. et sp. nov. is described from the Malay Peninsula and nearest islands, and former Apteronemobius darwini Otte et Alexander, 1983 is supposedly included in this genus (as E. darwini comb. nov.); Parapteronemobius sazanami kunashir subsp. nov. is described from the Kuril Islands. The tribe Burcini is restored from synonyms of Thetellini Otte et Alexander, 1983, and its following taxa are redescribed or described as new for the science: Burcus Gorochov, 1986 which is also restored from synonyms of Thetella Otte et Alexander, 1983; B. trilobulatus sp. nov. from Thailand; B. t. bunaken subsp. nov. from Indonesia; Paraburcus gen. nov. for Thetella elegans Kobayashi, 1983 (= P. elegans comb. nov.); Neoburcus tarutao gen. et sp. nov. from Thailand. The unavailable tribal name Thetellini is considered as a possible synonym of Nemobiini, and its type genus and species (Thetella and Th. oonoomba Otte et Alexander, 1983 from Australia) as well as some other genera from Pacific islands must be preliminary placed in this tribe, but the genus Caledonina Desutter-Grandcolas, 2016 from New Caledonia probably belongs to Pteronemobiini. Two generic names of Hawaiian Trigonidiinae (Zudella Gorochov, 1988 and Nudilla Gorochov, 1988) are restored from subgenera and synonyms of Trigonidium Rambur, 1838, respectively: the genus Zudella includes numerous Hawaiian species erroneously placed in Trigonidium (they are listed here); the genus Nudilla is here synonymised with Laupala Otte, 1994, syn. nov., and the neotype for Nudilla type species (Trigonidium pacificum Scudder, 1869) is here designated, as well as a new replacement specific name (N. danieli nom. nov.) is here given for the secondary homonym Laupala pacifica Otte, 1994. Also 169 new combinations for specific names in the two latter genera are proposed; T. kolekole Otte, 1994, syn. nov. and L. cerasina Otte, 1994, syn. nov. are synonymised with Z. hawaiiensis Gorochov, 1986 and N. pacifica (Scudder, 1869), respectively.
Key words: taxonomy, islands, coasts, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, crickets, Orthoptera, Gryllidae, Nemobiinae, Trigonidiinae, new taxa

Zoosystematica Rossica, 2018, 27(2): 290–321  ▪  Published online 17 December 2018  ▪  Open full article  


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