Palaearctic species of the genus Heterocola (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae: Tersilochinae)

A.I. Khalaim

Abstract. Palaearctic material of the genus Heterocola Förster was studied, the holotypes of four species were examined and re-described. Heterocola concava (Uchida) from Japan is transferred to Phradis Förster (comb. nov.), and the genus Heterocola is excluded from the fauna of Japan. Specimens of H. proboscidalis (Thomson) and H. rufiventris Horstmann deposited in the Zoological Institute RAS (St Petersburg) and briefly mentioned from the former USSR by K. Horstmann in his revision (1981) are found and re-examined, and their complete label data are provided. Extensive faunistic records of the Palaearctic species of Heterocola primarily based on the Zoological Institute RAS collection are provided. Colour photographs of six species are given for the first time. An identification key to six species of Heterocola occurring in the Palaearctic region is provided; taxonomic status of the seventh species, H. pappi Kolarov, is not clear.
Key words: Palaearctic region, fauna, taxonomy, re-description, type, parasitoids, Phradis, new combination

Zoosystematica Rossica, 2018, 27(2): 239–258  ▪  Published online 3 December 2018  ▪  Open full article  


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