Morphological features of larvae of the genus Argis (Decapoda, Crangonidae) from coastal Kamchatka and adjacent waters

N.A. Sedova & S.S. Grigoriev

Abstract. Larvae of five species of the family Crangonidae (Argis crassa, A. dentata, A. lar, A. ochotensis and A. ovifer) from plankton of east part of Okhotsk Sea and from Avacha Gulf are described. Morphological features of the larvae are compared for purpose of their identification in planktonic samples. The main morphological features of larvae at corresponding stages are revealed. Larvae of these species are similar in most features. Distinctions concern only several details of their structure. Figures of early and late stages of zoea are presented. It is shown that larvae of the genus Argis can have two or three zoeal stages. Generalized morphological characteristic for the larvae of shrimps from the genus Argis is given.
Key words: shrimps, larval morphology, shortened development, zoeal stages, decapodid, Crustacea, Decapoda, Crangonidae, Argis

Zoosystematica Rossica, 2018, 27(1): 11–33  ▪  Published in print 25 June 2018  ▪  Open full article  


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