New data on the family Blaberidae (Dictyoptera) from Southeast Asia: new species, morphological diversity and phylogeny on the base of ribosomal DNA sequences

V.A. Mavropulo, L.N. Anisyutkin, M.V. Zagoskin, A.S. Zagoskina, S.V. Lukyantsev & D.V. Mukha

Abstract. New cockroaches of the family Blaberidae are described from Southern Sumatra: two new species of the genus Cyrtonotula Uvarov, 1939, C. secunda sp. nov. and C. tertia sp. nov. (Epilamprinae); and one new species of the genus Paranauphoeta J.W.H. Rehn, 1951, P. pullata sp. nov. (Paranauphoetinae). Detailed morphological descriptions of the new species are given. Structures of the male genitalia of the genus Cyrtonotula are described for the first time. Hypothesis on the relationships of these new taxa as well as Morphna maculata Brunner von Wattenwyl, 1865, Rhabdoblatta sp. and Pseudophoraspis sp. based on 28S ribosomal DNA sequences is discussed.
Key words: cockroaches, taxonomy, morphology, phylogeny, 28S ribosomal DNA, Southeast Asia, Dictyoptera, Blaberidae, Epilamprinae, Paranauphoetinae, Cyrtonotula, Paranauphoeta, new species

Zoosystematica Rossica, 2015, 24(1): 14–30  ▪  Published in print 25 June 2015

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