Taxonomy of Podoscirtinae (Orthoptera: Gryllidae). Part 9: the American tribe Paroecanthini

A.V. Gorochov

Abstract. Systematic position and composition of the endemic American tribe Paroecanthini are discussed. This tribe is divided into two subtribes: Paroecanthina stat. nov. (from Paroecanthini Gorochov, 1986) and Tafaliscina stat. nov. (from Tafaliscinae Desutter, 1988). Five new genera, 24 new species and 6 new subspecies are described. Systematic position and distribution of true and possible taxa of Paroecanthini are clarified, and some of these taxa are redescribed. Orocharis eclectos Otte, 2006, syn. nov. is synonymised with Paroecanthus mexicanus Saussure, 1859 which is restored as type species of Paroecanthus Saussure, 1859 according to original monotypy of this genus. Orocharis signatus Walker, 1869 and Carsidava Walker, 1869 are excluded from synonymy of P. mexicanus and Paroecanthus, respectively. Orocharis signatus is considered to be a probable synonym of P. aztecus aztecus Saussure, 1874. Carsidava and Chremon Rehn, 1930, syn. nov. are considered possible and evident synonyms of Ectotrypa Saussure, 1874, respectively. Angustitrella vicina (Chopard, 1912), sp. resurr. and A. picipes (Bruner, 1916), sp. resurr. are restored from synonymy of A. podagrosa (Saussure, 1897) and Siccotrella niger (Saussure, 1874), respectively. Lectotype of Amblyrhethus brevipes (Saussure, 1878) and type species of Metrypa Brunner-Wattenwyl, 1873 (Tafalisca lurida Walker, 1869) are designated. Pseudogryllus Chopard, 1912, gen. resurr. is restored from synonymy of Tafalisca Walker, 1869.
Key words: America, taxonomy, Orthoptera, Gryllidae, Podoscirtinae, Paroecanthini, new taxa

Zoosystematica Rossica, 2011, 20(2): 216-270  ▪  Published in print 25 December 2011

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