Three new species, two new genera, and new family Biphragmosagittidae (Сhaetognatha) from Southwest Pacific Ocean

A.P. Kassatkina

Abstract. Resuming published and own data, a revision of classification of Chaetognatha is presented. The family Sagittidae Claus & Grobben, 1905 is given a rank of subclass, Sagittiones, characterised, in particular, by the presence of two pairs of sac-like gelatinous structures or two pairs of fins. Besides the order Aphragmophora Tokioka, 1965, it contains the new order Biphragmosagittiformes ord. nov., which is a unique group of Chaetognatha with an unusual combination of morphological characters: the transverse muscles present in both the trunk and the tail sections of the body; the seminal vesicles simple, without internal complex compartments; the presence of two pairs of lateral fins. The only family assigned to the new order, Biphragmosagittidae fam. nov., contains two genera. Diagnoses of the two new genera, Biphragmosagitta gen. nov. (type species B. tarasovi sp. nov. and B. angusticephala sp. nov.) and Biphragmofastigata gen. nov. (type species B. fastigata sp. nov.), detailed descriptions and pictures of the three new species are presented.
Key words: classification, Сhaetognatha, Eukrohniones, Sagittiones, Biphragmosagittiformes, Biphragmosagittidae, new subclasses, new order, new family, new genera, new species

Zoosystematica Rossica, 2011, 20(1): 161-173  ▪  Published in print 28 July 2011

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