Tersilochinae of South, Southeast and East Asia, excluding Mongolia and Japan (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae)

A.I. Khalaim

Abstract. Tersilochines of South, Southeast and East Asia (excluding Mongolia and Japan) have been studied. Eight genera and 60 species are recorded in the region: Allophrys (2 species), Barycnemis (5 species), Diaparsis (29 species), Phradis (2 species, including 1 unidentified species), Probles (12 species, including 1 unidentified and 6 undescribed species), Sathropterus (2 species), Slonopotamus gen. nov. (2 species) and Tersilochus (6 species, including one species of the obscure status). One genus and 26 species are described as new: Allophrys bruneiensis sp. nov. (Brunei), A. occipitata sp. nov. (Vietnam, India), Diaparsis absista sp. nov. (Brunei), D. bannapeana sp. nov. (Laos), D. bolikhamsaica sp. nov. (Laos, Thailand), D. brunnea sp. nov. (Brunei), D. crenulator sp. nov. (Brunei), D. dediticia sp. nov. (Vietnam, Brunei), D. hilaris sp. nov. (Vietnam), D. karnatakana sp. nov. (India), D. labiensis sp. nov. (Brunei), D. mandibulator sp. nov. (Laos), D. minuta sp. nov. (Vietnam), D. monstrosa sp. nov. (Brunei), D. morleyi sp. nov. (Sri Lanka), D. propodeator sp. nov. (Brunei, Sarawak State of Malaysia, southern Indonesia, Laos), D. pulchra sp. nov. (South Korea), D. sarawakiensis sp. nov. (Sarawak and Pahang states of Malaysia), D. viela sp. nov. (Vietnam, Laos), D. vietnamica sp. nov. (Vietnam), D. zispina sp. nov. (Vietnam), Probles vietnamica sp. nov. (Vietnam, probably East China and south of Far East of Russia), Sathropterus secundus sp. nov. (Vietnam), Slonopotamus elephantoides sp. nov. (Laos), S. indianus sp. nov. (India) and Tersilochus granulatus sp. nov. (South Korea). Generic assignment of two species are changed: Barycnemis sanctijohanni (Rao & Kurian, 1951), new combination, and Probles (Microdiaparsis) caudate (Morley, 1913), new combination. Barycnemis dissimilis and B. tobiasi from Nepal, Diaparsis convexa from Vietnam, D. niphadoctona from Laos, and Sathropterus pumilus from India and Nepal are newly recorded from the countries. The genus Diaparsis comprises almost half of species of the tersilochine fauna of the studied region (29 species, 48%), and is a dominant genus in the Oriental Region. Keys to genera and species of Tersilochinae of South, Southeast and East Asia (excluding Mongolia and Japan) are provided.
Key words: Asia, identification keys, taxonomy, Ichneumonidae, Tersilochinae, new genus, new species, new combinations

Zoosystematica Rossica, 2011, 20(1): 96-148  ▪  Published in print 28 July 2011

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