Studies on Nearctic species of Leucopis (Diptera: Chamaemyidae). I. The redescription of Nearctic Leucopis published before 1965

V.N. Tanasijtshuk

Abstract. Revision of Nearctic types of Leucopis (Diptera, Chamaemyiidae) described before 1965 was realised. Types and corresponding materials were studied for the following species: L. americanica Malloch, 1921; L. atrifacies Aldrich, 1925; L. flavicornis Aldrich, 1914; L. maculata Thompson, 1910; L. major Malloch, 1921; L. monor Malloch, 1921; L. parallela Malloch, 1921; L. pemphigae Malloch, 1921; L. piniperda Malloch, 1921; L. simplex Loew, 1869.

Zoosystematica Rossica, 2002, 11(1): 193–207  ▪  Published in print 25 December 2002

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