Clams of the White Sea

A. D. Naumov


Ecological and faunistic analysis

IISN 0386–077X
ISBN 5–98092–010–2

Zoological Institute RAS. St. Petersburg. 2006.
367 p. 138 figs. 499 bibl. 67 tables.
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…why, irrespective of all latitudes and longitudes,
does the name of the White Sea exert such a spectralness over the fancy…?

Herman Melville, 1851. «Moby Dick».

The history of study and ecological data obtained by the author are placed in the book. The special attention is paid to the mathematical methods of processing of the material. New ideas on the nature of the White Sea fauna of bivalve mollusks, its origin and the geological history of the sea in Holocene are suggested.
In the Systematical Part, detailed standard diagnosis of all the White Sea bivalve species known for the moment (January 1, 2006) and information about findings and relation with main abiotic factors are given.
The book possesses the key to the White Sea clams and the Atlas of images of all species made by the author in watercolor technique.
The book can be useful for malacologists, experts in systematics and biogeography and for students.

Director of the Zoological Institute RAS Academician A. F. Alimov

Editor of the volume:
V. Ja. Berger

Editorial Board:
B. I. Sirenko, A. P. Andriyashev, A. V. Balushkin, G. N. Buzhinskaya, A. D. Naumov, A. V. Neelov, E. L. Markhaseva, S. D. Stepanyantz

B. I. Sirenko (Laboratory of the Marine Research, Zoological Institute RAS)
A. B. Tzetlin (Invertebrate Zoology Department, Biological faculty, Moscow State University)

Published by support of the Russian Foundation of Basic Research, Grant № 06-0462055.

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