I.S. Plotnikov

Long-term changes of the free-living aquatic invertebrate fauna of the Aral Sea

ISBN 978–5–98092–054–8


Zoological Institute RAS. St. Petersburg. 2016.
168 p. 2 table. 58 figs. 283 bibl.
In Russian

Director of the Zoological Institute RAS the member of Academy O.N. Pugachev

Editor of the volume:
N.V. Aladin

Editorial Board:
N.B. Ananjeva, E.L. Markhaseva, A.O. Averianov, N.V. Aladin, A.F. Alimov T. A. Asanovich, A.V. Balushkin, V.Ya. Berger, S.D. Grebelniy, M.V. Krylov, S.Ya. Reznik, B.I. Sirenko, M.K. Stanyukovich, A.N. Tikhonov, V.V. Khlebovich, S.Ya. Tsalolikhin

S.G. Denisenko, A.V. Makrushin


© Zoological Institute RAS, 2016
© I.S. Plotnikov, 2016


The monograph is devoted to the fauna of free-living invertebrates of the Aral Sea and its changes that occurred during the second half of the XX century and the beginning of the XXI century. The book also covered the history of the study of this saline continental water body and its fauna, gave its physical and geographical outline. There are considered the consequences of both intentional and accidental introductions by man of earlier absent in the sea animal species. Discussed in detail the changes in the fauna of free-living invertebrates of the Aral Sea related to the change of its salinity. Forecast of the future of the fauna for the Small Aral Sea and for the residual water bodies of the Large Aral Sea is given.


The book is intended for zoologists, hydrobiologists and students in related disciplines.

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