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A. Zauli, S.Chiari et al. 2014. Using odour traps for population monitoring... Osmoderma... and Elater...


Agnese Zauli, Stefano Chiari, Erik Hedenstrom, Glenn P. Svensson & Giuseppe M. Carpaneto. 2014.
Using odour traps for population monitoring and dispersal analysis of the threatened saproxylic beetles Osmoderma eremita and Elater ferrugineus in central Italy.
J. Insect Conserv., 2014, Volume 18, Number 5: 801-813.
Journal of Insect Conservation
(An international journal devoted to the conservation of insects and related invertebrates)
ISSN 1366-638X
DOI 10.1007/s10841-014-9687-8

PDF: zauli_chiari_et_al_2014_osmoderma_eremita_elater_ferrugineus.pdf