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A.N. Ekiz, I. Sen, E.G. Aslan, A. Gok. 2013. Checklist of leaf beetles (Chrysomelidae) of Turkey,...


Ali Nafiz Ekiz, Ismail Sen, Ebru Gul Aslan & Ali Gok. 2013.
Checklist of leaf beetles (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) of Turkey, excluding Bruchinae
Journal of Natural History, 2013, Vol. 47, No. 33-34: 2213-2287.
DOI: 10.1080/00222933.2012.763069
ISSN: 0022-2933 (Print) 1464-5262 (Online)

PDF: ekiz_sen_aslan_gok_2013_checklist_chrysomelidae_of_turkey.pdf

This is the first attempt to present a synthesized and updated checklist of leaf beetles of Turkey. In all, 776 species (Megalopodidae three species; Orsodacnidae three species and Chrysomelidae 770 species) are listed. The species number of subfamilies of Chrysomelidae are asfollows: Donaciinae, 17 species in 3 genera; Criocerinae, 13 species in 4 genera; Clytrinae, 72 species in 8 genera; Cryptocephalinae, 102 species in 4 genera; Eumolphinae, 22 species in 10 genera; Chrysomelinae, 89 species in 16 genera; Galerucinae, 67 species in 15 genera; Alticinae 336 species in 22 genera; Hispinae, 2 species in 2 genera; Cassidinae, 50 species in 6 genera. The subfamilies Lamprosomatinae and Synetinae have no species in Turkey. The leaf beetle fauna of Turkey presents a remarkable endemism with 81 species, which constitute about 10% of the total number. This is surely a result of hotspots included in the area.