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W.-X. Bi, J.-W. He, C.-C. Chen, R. Kundrata, X.-Y.Li. 2019. Sinopyrophorinae, a new subfam. Elateridae...

Н.В. Борисова

Wen-Xuan Bi, Jin-Wu He, Chang-Chin Chen, Robin Kundrata, Xue-Yan Li. 2019.
Sinopyrophorinae, a new subfamily of Elateridae (Coleoptera, Elateroidea) with the first record of a luminous click beetle in Asia and evidence for multiple origins of bioluminescence in Elateridae.
ZooKeys, 2019, 864: 79-97.
doi: 10.3897/zookeys.864.26689

Файл PDF: bi_he_chen_et_al_2019_sinopyrophorinae_elateridae.pdf