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Деррен Манн: Curriculum Vitae




September 1994: University of Amsterdam, The Faculty of Biology, Amsterdam, ERASMUS course in Systematic Biology


Certificate in Systematic Biology (study load = 6 ECTS points)


October 1993 - October 1994: University of Wales, College of Cardiff, Cardiff, CF10 3TL


Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Insect Taxonomy (Distinction)


1988-1990: University of Plymouth, Drake Circus, Plymouth


BTEC H.N.D. Applied Biology.


1986-1988: Ernesford Grange School and Community Centre, Coventry: GCSE Maths; 'A'- Level Biology


1980-1986: Binley Park Comprehensive School, Coventry: 'O' Level Chemistry; Biology; English Lang. C.S.E. Social Biology; Geography; Business Studies; Applied Physics.




August 1997 - Date: Technician Grade E. Hope Entomological Collections, Oxford University Museum of Natural History. Duties include collections management, curation, data basing of Types, training of students and other parties in entomological techniques. Teaching on both undergraduate and post graduate courses.

May 96 to July 97: Invertebrate Ecologist. Based at the National Museum & Galleries of Wales. One year contract (grade F) to study the invertebrates of restored grassland at an open-cast mining site. The work involves various trapping methods and interpretation of the data (species found) from different ages of restored grassland and comparisons with the ‘natural’ habitats surrounding the site.

July 1995- March 1996: Self Employed Entomological Consultant. This has involved entomological surveys of sites in South Wales. Contract for National Museums and Galleries of Wales, Cardiff to curate and database their collections and amalgamate several small collections of various insect orders into the main series.

April-June 1995: National Museum of Wales, Cardiff. Volunteer Museum work. Curation of the Symphyta (Hymenoptera) collection, which involved re-pinning/mounting specimens, adding accession labels and amalgamating the various small accessioned collections held in store with the main collection, and checking the identification of each specimen. The data from which are being recorded on a database (Apple Macintosh Filemaker pro).

February-March 1995: Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Monks Wood Experimental Station, Biological Records Centre. Short term contract work involving work with the ORACLE database on the mainframe VAX computer system, checking data from invertebrate recording schemes (predominantly the Odonata and Coleoptera: Cantharidae) and cross checking this data against the original record cards. I was also involved in photocopying and the mailing of recording scheme newsletters, and answering recorders/general public enquiries.

November 1994-January 1995: National Museum of Wales, Cardiff. Volunteer Museum work. Details as above.

February-March; August-September 1993: Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, Monks Wood Experimental Station, Biological Records Centre. Short term contract. Details as above.

March-September 1992: Coombe Abbey Countryside Park, near Coventry. Seasonal Ranger, this job involved site management (habitat) and maintenance of the facilities. Interpretation of the ecology, natural history and social history of the site, such as guided walks and organising school group visits; supervision of both work experience placements and volunteers; constructing exhibits and interpretative displays and dealing with public enquiries.

April-September 1991: Employment Training with Warwickshire Wildlife Trust (WARNACT). During training with WARNACT, I was involved with ecological surveying with the view of producing conservation management plans, and was instructed in countryside management techniques.

1987-1998: Amateur Entomologists Society Committee member. Youth Secretary from 1990-1997. In this capacity I organised the 1988 field week, 1991 field weekend, 1992 field trip to France and helped with the organisation and supervised field weeks in 1993, 1994, 1995 and 1996. These trips were aimed to help and encourage junior members of the society learn more about entomology and the conservation of invertebrates and their habitats.

1985-1990: Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, Coventry. Volunteer Museum Assistant, under Mr. A. Wright & Mr. R. Barnett. This involved curation of the entomological collections, including payment for the curation of the H.W.Daltry Coleoptera collection. Preservation and identification of specimens, both plant and animal and dealing with public and environmental health enquiries. I also worked on the 1986, 1987 and 1988 ecological surveys of Coventry sites.



UK: 1985-Date: Various trips around UK for the purpose of Biological Recording of British Insects.

France: 1992: Two weeks. Amateur Entomologists Society. Leading a group of entomologists (under 18s’) on a collecting trip around central France.

The Gambia: August-September 1997: Shoot-flies and Cockroaches of Economic Significance in The Gambia: To ascertain those species of Shoot-flies (Diptera) of economic importance attacking agricultural crops in The Gambia. To selectively rear pre-imaginal stages of these species, with a view to further taxonomic studies of early stages and the rearing of parasitoids as potential biological control agents.

Portugal: October 1998: One week. Collecting of Scarabaeoidea beetles for incorporation and expanding the Hope Entomological Collections.

Namibia: December 1998- January 1999: One month working in the National Museum of Namibia, Windhoek on collection management and identification. Including two weeks fieldwork collecting in northeast of the country.

Namibia: December 1999- January 2000:. Six weeks working in the National Museum of Namibia, Windhoek on collection management and identification. Three week project in the field “Dung beetle diversity across an aridity gradient”.

Pakistan: July 2000- August 2000: Six weeks biological survey research in the Gojal Region of northern Pakistan in conjunction with the Pakistan Museum of Natural History.

Turkey: May 2001: One week collecting of insects (particularly Coleoptera) in Anatolia for incorporation and expanding the Hope Entomological Collections and the Natural History Museum, London collections.

Namibia: March 2002: One month expedition. Two weeks as part of an international expedition working on the Brandberg Massif researching the order Mantophasmotodea. Two weeks in the Kavongo region canopy fogging and researching dung beetle assemblages.



I have a keen interest in all aspects of natural history, specialising in entomology and conservation. I have been a student of entomology for over fifteen years, and I am a member of several entomological societies\groups. I have a good general knowledge of most insect and other invertebrate orders, but have a particular interest in the Coleoptera and Blattaria, and spend most of my spare time recording insects from around the British Isles and working on the taxonomy of Old World Scarabaeidae (Aphodiinae) and Glaphyridae. Since 1986 I have been the Warwickshire county recorder for the Scarabaeoidea (Coleoptera), during which period I have collated over 1,700 records and increased the known distribution of several scarce species, this work has been published as an atlas. In 1995 I became the National scheme organiser for the Scarabaeoidea, which entails holding and computerising records and checking identification of the recorders throughout the British Isles.


I have spent several years in the study of cockroaches, and have built up an extensive library of over two thousand cockroach related publications and keep many species in culture. I am at present working on a revision of the cockroach family Blattidae, which has involved collating literature and examination of material in museum and private collections. In 1986, I and two other cockroach enthusiasts formed the Blattodea Culture Group, which now has an international circulation.


My museum interests are in collection management, curation and conservation of specimens, especially those of historical interest and pest management. I have travelled extensively around the UK, visiting various museums and learning about and advising on entomological collection management. I also have visited various museums around Europe to examine collections. I was on the committee of the Natural Sciences Conservation Group and Editor for the Newsletter from 1999-2002. I am currently on the board of trustees for the British Dragonfly Society and on the editorial panel for the journal the Coleoptersist.


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