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А.О. Беньковский. 2001. Исследование рода Chrysolina Motsch., 1860 и каталог его таксонов (Chrysomelidae)

A study on the genus Chrysolina MOTSCHULSKY, 1860, with a checklist of all the described subgenera, species, subspecies, and synonyms (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Chrysomelinae).
Genus, 2001, vol. 12 (2): 105-235.


Адрес автора:
Zelenograd, 1121-107, Moscow, K-460, 103460, Russia


A checklist of all known Chrysolina species is presented. Sixty five valid subgenera, 447 valid species and 251 valid subspecies are recognized. The following new synonymy is established: Chrysolina (Apterosoma MOTSCHULSKY) (=Caudatochrysa BECHYNE), Ch. (Synerga WEISE) (=Chrysonotum J. SAHLBERG), Ch. (Sulcicollis J. SAHLBERG) (=Minckia STRAND), Ch. (Bittotaenia MOTSCHULSKY) (=Gemellata J. SAHLBERG, partim), Ch. (Hypericia BEDEL) (=Gemellata J. SAHLBERG, partim), Ch. (Ovosoma MOTSCHULSKY) (=Gemellata J. SAHLBERG, partim, =Byrrhiformis J. SAHLBERG, partim), Ch. (Colaphoptera MOTSCHULSKY) (=Byrrhiformis J. SAHLBERG, partim), Ch. aeruginosa poricollis MOTSCHULSKY (=lobicollis FAIRMAIRE), Ch. apsilaena DACCORDI (=rosti kubanensis L.MEDVEDEV et OKHRIMENKO), Ch. fastuosa biroi CSIKI (=fastuosa jodasi BECHYNE, 1954), Ch. differens FRANZ (=trapezicollis BECHYNE), Ch. difficilis ussuriensis JACOBSON (=pubitarsis BECHYNE), Ch. difficilis yezoensis MATSUMURA (=exgeminata BECHYNE, =nikinoja BECHYNE), Ch. marginata marginata LINNAEUS (=finitima BROWN), Ch. pedestris GEBLER (=pterosticha FISCHER DE WALDHEIM), Ch. reitteri saxonica DACCORDI (=diluta KRYNICKI). Ch. elbursica LOPATIN is treated as a subspecies of Ch. tesari ROUBAL, Ch. unicolor alaiensis LOPATIN - as Ch. dieckmanni alaiensis, and Ch. poretzkyi JACOBSON as a subspecies of Ch. subcostata GEBLER. Ch. peninsularis BECHYNE is a distinct species, but a subspecies of Ch. aeruginosa, Ch. brahma TAKIZAWA is a good species, not a synonym of Ch. lia JACOBSON (= freyi BECHYNE), and Ch. dzhungarica JACOBSON is a good species, not a synonym of Ch. alatavica JACOBSON. Subgenus Bittotaenia MOTSCHULSKY is transferred from Crosita to Chrysolina. Ch. palmyrensis BECHYNE (with a subspecies assurensis BECHYNE) is transferred to the subgenus Ch. (Paradiachalcoidea). Ch. auripennis SAY, Ch. basilaris SAY, Ch. cyanea SCHAEFFER, Ch. cribraria ROGERS, and Ch. inornata ROGERS are transferred to the subgenus Ch. (Allohypericia). Ch. cilissa JACOBSON, Ch. sellata WEISE, Ch. lehri LOPATIN, Ch. unicolor GEBLER, and Ch. dieckmanni MOHR are transferred to the subgenus Ch. (Chalcoidea). Ch. roddi JACOBSON is included in the subgenus Ch. (Crositops), Ch. alaschanica JACOBSON and Ch. przewalskyi JACOBSON, 1898 - in the subgenus Ch. (Chrysocrosita), and Ch. subcostata poretzkyi JACOBSON -in the subgenus Ch. (Pleurosticha). The genus Cecchiniola JACOBSON is included in the genus Chrysolina as a subgenus. Timarchomima (with a single species T. indica) is regarded as a separate genus within the subtribe Chrysolinina, but not a subgenus of Chrysolina. Therefore, Timarcholina is a valid subgeneric name for the other former members of Timarchomima. Lectotypes of Taeniosticha poricollis MOTSCHULSKY, Chrysomela pterosticha FISCHER DE WALDHEIM, Chrysolina nikinoja nikinoja BECHYNE, Ch. nikinoja exgeminata BECHYNE, Crosita alaschanica JACOBSON, and C. przewalskyi JACOBSON are designated. Ch. blanchei FAIRMAIRE is recorded from Turkey, Ch. aveyronensis BECHYNE - from Spain, Ch. numida REICHE and Ch. pardoi CODINA PADILLA н from Tunisia, Ch. koenigi JACOBSON - from Kyrghyzstan, Ch. brunnicornis bermani L.MEDVEDEV - from Chita reg., Ch. lopatini MOHR - from Altai, Ch. grata grata - from Sinai, Ch. analis - from Algeria, Ch. marginata borealis - from Taimyr, and Ch. eurina - from European Russia (Moscow reg.) for the first time.

Key words: Entomology, Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae, Chrysolina, checklist, taxonomy.

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