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A.O. Bienkowski, M.J. Orlova-Bienkowskaja. 2018. The First Record in Europe... Medythia nigrobilineata...

М.Я. Орлова-Беньковская

От авторов статьи:
Дорогие коллеги, обратите, пожалуйста, внимание на этого нового вредителя.
Он может попадаться на посевах сои.
Будем очень благодарны за сообщения о находках.

Andrzej O. Bieńkowski & Marina Ja. Orlova-Bienkowskaja. 2018.
The First Record in Europe of an Invasive Alien Pest of Soybeans: Medythia nigrobilineata Motschulsky (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Galerucinae).
ACTA ZOOLOGICA BULGARICA, 2018, 70 (1): 117-120.

Файл PDF: bienkowski_orlova-bienkowskaja_2018_first_record_medythia_nigrobilineata.pdf

Medythia nigrobilineata Motschulsky (= Paraluperodes suturalis nigrobilineatus) is a dangerous pest of soybeans in Asia. It is native to China, the Russian Far East, Japan, Nepal, Pakistan and South Korea. It has not been recorded in Europe until now. In 2016, a single female of M. nigrobilineata was collected at the Black Sea coast in the city of Sochi, in the south of European Russia. Though we have found only one specimen, it is extremely likely that it represents at least a temporarily successful colonisation. The likelihood of catching an individual from a current introduction, rather than from a breeding population, is negligibly small. Medythia nigrobilineata is the first species of the genus Medythia to be found in Europe. This pest poses potential threats to soybean production in Europe.